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Partners /// one works Italy

One Works is a leading architecture, infrasctructure and urban engineering practice serving both private and public markets. Based in Milan, Venice and Rome, partners sharea a long-standing experience in planning, urbanism and architecture.

Andermatt Turism Resort, Andermatt CH, 2007 -2008 (With CZA) Hotel and services apartments on Lake Maggiore, Italy

Hotel and service apartments – Lake Maggiore, Italy

The requalification of the general master plan of area ex Ceramica Lago, a pottery factory, encloses the project of an hotel and service apartments. While the single apartment units are evaluated in terms of distribution, of efficiency and of relationship with the open spaces, the overall building masses are treated almost as they would be part of the landscape.
The project means to mediate the intervention scale with the contemporary needs of the hotel clients, respecting the natural characteristics of the surrounding.

Luxury 5 star hotel – Milano, Italy

Re-interpreting a prestigious building, built at the end of the Nineteenth centuryand located in the center of Milano to become a luxury 5 star hotel is an intriguing experience. Especially if the building is located in the city center of a prestigious city as Milano. The project preserve the historical characteristics of the building and exalt the presence of ornamental elements on the facades and the mosaic flooring positioned in the cloister. Key idea of the project is the glass covering of the cloister to create a new heart to it and the extension through the superposition of two new floors wrapped with glass and metallic art works.